COVID-19 Test QR Code Software Solution


For labs with no device integration

50¢/ per encounter
  • $500 month minimum
  • $600 set-up fee
  • 3 Month Commitment

From signing-up to delivering results

An overview of the steps to get you up and running quickly.

Comparison Table

  Basic Basic + RCM Enterprise

Registration & Order Entry

One Time Bulk Import of Patients
Live HL7 Interfacing Between GoRev and EMR
Live HL7 interfacing between your LIMS and the GoRev LIMS
Real-time Insurance Eligibility view
Standard Patient Portal & Digital (paperless) Registration view
Customized Patient Portal & Digital (paperless) Registration
Automatic Creation of Lab Order from Portal Registration
Emailed Appointment Reminders
SMS Text Appointment Reminders
Order Entry via GoRev Windows 10 Application

Laboratory Information Management

Barcode Accessioning & Order Management
Non-Integrated Manual Resulting (Right click overrides) view
Integrated Lab Equipment
Quality Control Module
Unlimited File Storage (store pictures of your testing cartridges for each patient!)
QR Code Enabled COVID-19 Results view
Distribution of COVID-19 Results via Patient Portal view
Notification of COVID-19 (w/QR) Results via Standard Email view
Notification of COVID-19 (w/QR) Results via Text Message view
Customized Email and Text Message Distrubution
Client Corporate Portal view video

Revenue Cycle Management

Automatic Charge Capture (CPT Codes Applied as You Approve Tests)
Automatic Generation of CMS1500 or UB-04 claims
Unlimited Electronic Claims
RCM Analytics and Workflow Tools (Denial management & Suite of over 200 reports)


Monday Through Friday 8am to 5pm Eastern (after hours requests responded to next day)
Enterprise 24x7 Support (response within 2 hours)
Patients Supported Using the Portal at view
Covered Results w/Minimum Per Month 1000 1000 1875
Set-up Charge $600 $600 $2000
Monthly Minimum Price $500.00 $650.00 $1500.00

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How does it all work

So you are interested in getting started, here is what to expect.
Step 1
  • Click the 'Choose Plan' for either the Basic or Enterprise solutions.
  • Fill out the registration form on the Sign-up page.
Step 2
We will be reaching out to coordinate a project kickoff Zoom meeting. During this meeting we will:
  • Go over the GoRev licensing agreement
  • Discuss all COVID-19 testing equipment you have or plan to implement along discussing where your laboratory locations reside
  • Perform an initial training session and go over all self help training materials you can use going forward
  • Finalize your license agreement
  • Set a go live date
Step 3
You will receive an email with installation instructions and a configuration file granting you access to your personal GoRev server.

Step 4
We will perform a more in depth Zoom training session and prepare you and your team for go live.

Step 5
Go LIVE! Use our system to grow your COVID-19 testing lab. We will be there with you every step of the way.

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