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GoRev provides the solution to your Company's COVID-19 Testing Needs.

GoRev Employer Testing Program

With the much-anticipated Employer Testing mandates set to roll out across the United States, employers are scrambling to identify not only a testing process, but an efficient and effective means of keeping track of it for all its employees. If your company operates in the Private Sector and has 100 or more employees, you will be expected to comply with the plan. Failure to do so could result in up to $14,000 in penalties per violation. Under the plan, your workforce must be fully vaccinated or unvaccinated workers must produce a negative COVID-19 test at least once per week before reporting to work.

GoRev, a mainstay in the world of Healthcare Software, has you covered. We’ve developed multiple features specific to managing COVID testing process, all of which will ensure your efforts to implement an Employer Testing program are efficient, effective, and affordable. Please take a few minutes to browse our features below that will make your Employer Testing Program easy to manage.

Click here to explore the fine detail in this OSHA-managed plan.

Provision unique registration URLs

It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is or how many divisions it has. You’ll have access to as many URL’s as necessary to organize your company’s testing plan.

Bulk importing of employee demographics and vaccination status

Getting started and loading critical employee data into the system shouldn’t be a headache, so to simplify things, GoRev allows utilization of spreadsheets or other structured data sources for importing.

Send test appointment reminders via email and text

We’ll utilize reminder technology to ensure your employees don’t forget about their testing appointment commitments.

Distribution of COVID-19 test results via a secure and HIPAA compliant method

Employees will have access to a portal very similar to the ones used by our healthcare clients for receiving test results.

QR Code Technology

Initially developed for the global travel sector, GoRev issues QR Codes to both email and MMS that are used to easily verify test results.
If any of your team is required to travel internationally, our QR Code tech facilitates this as long as the employer obtains a CLIA.

Reference Lab Interfacing Capability

For employers that are not looking to implement an in-house testing process and would rather outsource this to a Reference Lab, we possess the ability to interface results from their system into yours. Automation of this will save countless manhours!
Further, our QR Code distribution technology still works in Reference Lab integration situation.

Custom Employer Testing Program Reporting

When it comes to tracking the testing and vaccination process, our system has built in work queues to make management of this task efficient and easy to complete.
When it comes to regulatory reporting, we can custom develop reports that provide you exactly what’s required to make reporting a snap.

Photo and file storage for each employee

With GoRev, you have the ability to quickly take a photo of COVID-19 cartridge-based results and store them within the employee record. This provides an additional layer of regulatory and liability protection for the employer.

Enterprise 24x7, US-based Support is available

We understand the employer’s need to maintain stability within their workforce and provide around the clock coverage to support your teams.

World-Class Security

Because we’re rooted in the world of healthcare, we maintain the strictest of security measures to ensure that your employee data stays safe. GoRev is HIPAA-compliant and SOC-2 Certified. Our Data Center Operations are SOC 1, SOC 2 + HITRUST, and SOC 3 Certified. Data is protected at all levels throughout the organization via use of advanced firewalls, intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems.

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